What People Really Think About Chick-Fil-A’s Honey Roasted BBQ Sauce


So the people of Reddit Agree with u/ben_downer’s review of Chick-fil-A’s Sweet & Creamy Honey Roasted BBQ Sauce? They did it. “This sauce is what the kids call bussin,” said one Redditor. Another confirmed: “This thing sure slaps.” Others added: ‘I wish they sold bottles of it like they do with their regular BBQ and CFA sauce’ and ‘The best sauce hands down’. Someone else added, “Definitely the best sauce, especially with a fancy spicy chicken.” One follower thinks Honey Roast BBQ is best for sandwiches, while they still prefer Chick-fil-A sauce for dipping.

Others defended the Polynesian sauce, which Chick-fil-A described as “Sweet and sour sauce with a strong flavor and tart”, while another threw that curve ball: Forget sauces to sandwiches and opt for ranch dressing with avocado and lime Chick-filtered HAS. Another creative thinker suggested: “Mixed with Sriracha sauce [honey roasted BBQ] even better “We listen One final note:.. some customers, both in this subreddit and in other forums, said the roast barbecue honey is very similar to the sauce Chick-fil-A, although flavors of honey and smoke are more pronounced in the barbecue. Whichever flavor you like to add to your sandwich, Chick-fil-a has certainly options. of course, there’s no shame in ordinary game. Many chicken lovers fall into the camp “just pickles”, too.

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