TikTok recipe for making cheese toast in an air fryer goes viral

One of the biggest food crazes of recent years is the air fryer, which many people choose as a healthier way to get their fix of fried foods.

With the rise of TikTok at the same time, it was only a matter of time before the two collided and air fryer recipes hit the social platform.

One video currently doing the rounds, with 420,000 likes, is a recipe from @babychrismom, who found a quick and easy way to make ‘grilled cheese’, or classic cheese toast, if you’re British.

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The recipe, which was later adapted by Tim Marcin at Mashable, sees “simple kraft” and “cheese sticks” – or cheese slices and a cheestring for us – placed between two slices of bread, before being placed in the air fryer tray. .

The user then places small blocks of butter on the upper slice, before putting it in the fryer.

They don’t give a specific temperature or time for baking, so Mashable, when adapting the recipe, suggests around 200 degrees Celsius for about five minutes, then flip, add more butter and put it back for five minutes. additional.

What comes out of it is crusty bread with melted, stretchy cheese – and is perfect for a quick lunchtime option or, as Mashable suggests, for a quick and easy meal for kids when you watch them, without having to take your eye on them for too long.

But as Tim Marcin suggests in his story, there are quick and easy ways to improve it.

One option is to replace the cheese slices with suitable cheese, like Cheddar, Double Gloucester or, of course, Red Leicester.

Another suggestion could be butter the bread better or use a slightly healthier, lower fat option. To reduce the overall butter usage, you can spread the butter on the bread instead of using slices, which would also give the bread a more even browning.

You can also include other ingredients to add more texture and flavor, including onions, tomatoes, or cooked bacon.

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Regardless, the toasty was a hit with the TikTok community, with one user writing, “Ooooh, I have to try this for all of my kids! Thanks in advance.”

Another person said, “Literally so good. I really recommend it. “

If you have an air fryer, are you tempted to give it a try? Or do you stick with a good old-fashioned toast maker?

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