The Untold Truth of King’s Hawaiian BBQ Sauce

Hawaii food is an eclectic melting pot of delicacies. While the collection of islands has its own traditional foods like poi, the cuisine has been influenced by the different ethnicities and demographics that inhabit the island (via Migrationology). “In the barbecue realm, you can spot obvious elements of Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Polynesian, and Portuguese cuisine, to name a few,” says Tyyzen Patricio, owner of restaurant GrindWitTryz (via The manual). “The fusion has given rise to many now iconic dishes, many of which have crossed the Pacific to the contiguous United States.”

At King’s Hawaiian Restaurant and Bakery, you can sample exactly what Patricio is talking about with a menu that includes several Hawaiian favorites such as Spam musabi (via King’s hawaiian). In particular, the restaurant brings Hawaii’s barbecue tradition to the mainland with dishes such as kalbi ribs, huli huli chicken, and kalua pork.

And, of course, we can’t forget the bread. In 1983, King’s Hawaiian began offering a pack of twelve sweet buns (via King’s hawaiian). These small rollers are perfect for sliders which, according to InterExchange, started to gain popularity in 2007 and can be found everywhere from holiday season to restaurant menus. It was only a matter of time before King’s Hawaiian caught the wave on their next tasty adventure: barbecue sauce.

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