The tastiest way to grill chicken

The weather is improving and this braai has been alone for quite a while. Sport is as strong as your friendships and there’s nothing quite like a weekend braai feast with the people you’re having a good time with. If you like to put chicken on the braai, we have a great chicken braai marinade recipe. The chicken is fragrant throughout and has beautifully charred skin on the outside.

Chicken marinade for braai tips

Barbecue and lemon are often used to spice and flavor the chicken, but our recipe combines several flavors. Brown sugar also makes the stickiest and most delicious marinade. Before putting the chicken pieces on the braai, pre-cook them in the oven or in the deep fryer for no more than 30 minutes. This recipe is great for lots of chicken pieces and while cooking, baste the chicken as you turn it.

When you have a lot of friends for the game, this braai chicken marinade will take the feast to a whole new level.

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