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Barbecuing is a summer staple, but there’s no reason an animal should die for you to enjoy it. Many restaurants across the country serve up favorite vegan barbecues that leave pigs, cows, chickens, and all other animals off your plate. Creative dishes at these places include seitan-based ‘ribs’, jackfruit ‘pulled pork‘ and smoked ‘chicken’, as well as all the fixins.


Boss ChickNBeer (Cleveland, Ohio)

It’s hard to pick just one item from Boss ChickNBeer’s vegan menu, so why not try a few? The Vegan Chili Dawg is made with planks of smoked tofu, three bean ancho pepper, melted vegan cheese and green onions on a pretzel bun for dogs. Order yours with a side of vegan mac topped with fried cauliflower tempura.

Vegan Compton (Los Angeles)

Follow this food truck on Instagram to find out where it serves Southern fare like barbecued “ribs”, fried “shrimp” and grilled “hot links”.

Grass VBQ Joint (Atlanta)

Grass VBQ Joint saves pigs one VicRiib sandwich at a time. And don’t worry, this stifled specialty is on the menu all year round.

House smoker (Portland, Oregon)

Portland’s Homegrown Smoker restaurant has earned a reputation for delicious smoked “meats,” but you won’t find any animal meat on the menu here.

Imagine a vegan cafe (Memphis, Tennessee)

Memphis is a city known for its barbecue, so it’s no surprise that it has some of the best vegan barbecues in the country.

kale my name (Chicago, Illinois)

The Big Daddy Special at Kale My Name features two Beyond Sausages grilled in a bun with toasted onions, relish, mustard and a side of fries. Other specialties include burgers, cauliflower wings, and fried mac and cheese balls.

Spoonfuls of love (Tucson, Arizona)

This all-vegan restaurant offers an eclectic menu, including a barbecue sandwich topped with crispy onion tempura and house blue cheese. Although this one is special, you can find the barbecue burger, barbecue beef sandwich, and barbecue chicken sandwich on the menu all year round.

Monks’ meat (Brooklyn, New York)

Mesquite-smoked seitan, Carolina-style shredded oyster mushrooms, and Jamaican jerk seitan are just a few of the items to try here.

The kingdom of Seitan (Columbus, Ohio)

Burgers, barbecue and Buffalo “chicken”, need we say more?

Southern Fried Vegan (various places)

While Southern Fried Vegan is based in the San Diego area, you can sample their food at pop-ups across the country. Find out when he’s near you by following him on Instagram:

The V of the South (Nashville, Tennessee)

Burgers, fried “chicken” and even Southern-style breakfast options are on the menu at this soul food restaurant in Nashville.

Vegan mob (Oakland, San Francisco and San José, California)

Vegan Mob offers barbecue classics like fried ‘brisket’, ‘ties’, ‘ribs’ and ‘shrimps’, served with vegan macaroni and cheese and smoked collard greens.

Vegetarian grills (several locations throughout the country)

You can still find a satisfying burger at the vegan chain Veggie Grill, but this summer you can also buy the Herbal summer barbecue kit complete with all the classics.


Acre (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

L’Acre is a laid-back place serving comforting vegetarian dishes. Many options are already vegan or can be vegetated on request.

BBQ4Life (Boise, Idaho)

Owner Brad Taylor started BBQ4Life as a food truck. It has since expanded to a brick and mortar location, from which it serves vegan barbecue prepared separately from its non-vegan items.

big belly that (Smithtown, New York)

Vegan options abound on this menu, and they’re clearly labeled, so they’re easy to find. Try the oyster mushroom “pulled pork” and finish with a mini raspberry cheesecake for dessert.

Brothers barbecue (various locations in Colorado)

The BBQ Tofu at Brothers BBQ is fried quickly, then finished on the grill for a great smoky taste.

Please note: Menu offerings may vary, so check with the restaurant for the most recent information. Become vegan not only means enjoying more delicious vegan barbecues, but also helping to save the lives of nearly 200 animals a year. In addition, you will reduce your carbon footprint and your chances of developing various diseases. Learn more:

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