The Localist: Eddie Deen’s signature barbecue sauce


Eddie Deen has been serving his famous Dallas-based barbecue at events across the country for over 30 years. The entire menu is rave-worthy, but the gravy alone gave Deen some pretty hefty bragging rights. According to Eddie Deen’s ranch website, his “signature Bar-BQ sauce has historical significance. The sauce was chosen during four governors’ investitures and two presidential ones. Deen served more than 20,000 guests in 2001 and 2005 at the two inaugural Presidential balls for George W. Bush. It also prepared its tail for the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake Cit and fed more than 100,000 evacuees after Hurricane Katrina.

I love the taste of the sauce. It’s light on the sugar and heavy on the vinegar. It’s not thick and gooey like some barbecue sauces you come across. The consistency makes for a perfect pour over a slice of smoked bacon, and black peppercorns give it the perfect amount of spice.

The Deen’s also design personalized labels to use as gifts to use at events they host. The most popular label they have is the one President Bush used to send as a gift when he was in power. It reads “Crawford Texas, Western White House Bar-Sauce BQ”. There are only three ways to get this specific bottle: from Eddie Deen, the Yellow Rose gift shop in Crawford, TX, or from President Bush.

You can buy Eddie Deen barbecue sauce and Eddie Deen Rib and Chicken Rub at any Deen’s restaurant. To learn more about their products or to inquire about custom barbecue sauce labels, visit their website.

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