The Grill Dads Better Than Buffalo Wings Recipe

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There are wings, and then there are wings. Ryan Fey and Mark Anderson, aka The Grill Dads, know the difference, and after trying their recipe for their “Better Than Buffalo” wings, you will too.

The Grill Dads’ new cookbook, “The Best Grilling Cookbook Ever Written by Two Idiots”, offers tips on grilling – with a myriad of recipes that sum up the duo’s refined and fun style. “We’re not that kind of elitist cookbook crew. We…show you how to do high on the grill,” Fey told Mashed in an exclusive interview. He added, “And by the way, our stuff isn’t basic…We have twists on everything in our own way.”

Take the book’s vision of wings, shared exclusively with Mashed. Fey and Anderson are quick to point out that Buffalo wings across the country “are soggy, sad, and fried in the same oil as fish and chips. Disgusting.” You know what’s not disgusting? Treating your chicken to a dry brine, then a smoker, then a char on the grill, then a quick fry for super crispy skin. Finally, the wings are dressed in a tangy honey sauce (“the perfect combination of sweet and tangy”) and served with homemade ranch cream for dipping. Have a few (read: several) towels handy and dive into them.

Reprinted with permission from “The Best Grilling Cookbook Ever Written by Two Idiots” by Ryan Fey and Mark Anderson. Published by Page Street Publishing Co.

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