The 10 Best Korean BBQ Restaurants in Sydney

Head to one of the best places for a Korean barbecue in Sydney and you shouldn’t be surprised at what strikes your senses almost immediately. The delicious whiff of premium wagyu sizzling on the grill, the sound of seafood pancakes being torn at random and shared between groups, soju hats being aggressively brushed off according to Korea most famous drinking game. And don’t forget the chatter; Korean barbecue restaurants (usually abbreviated as KBBQ) are notoriously loud and much louder than your typical restaurant.

The distinctive atmosphere of a Korean barbecue is as definitive as the dining experience itself, vastly different from your typical Japanese or Chinese dining experience. You and your friends sit down at a table, the attendant lights the grill (or portable stove) that was built in the center, and you start triggering the typical order: wagyu (and many), oyster blade and the like. cups, as well as seafood pancakes, Korean fried chicken, and the first of many bottles of soju.

What to expect from Korean barbecue

You will get several small plates of Korean side dishes (called banchan) like kimchi and sweet potato salad, then simply grill the meat and rotate every few minutes.

Korean barbecue is one of the best dining experiences you can have with friends. Expect to hop on soju before a big night out, just as much as quality cuts of meat pushed by reliable suppliers and lightning-fast kitchen staff.

Our favorite places for a Korean barbecue in Sydney


Credit: Seoul-Ria, Instagram

Absolutely one of the best Korean barbecue spots, whether for lunch or dinner. Seoul-Ria is versatile when it comes to comforting Korean cuisine, the cuisine being just as renowned for its gluttonous processed cheese and “fire chicken” platter, as it is for its premium cuts of meat.

In addition to food like garlic butter king prawns and marinated bulgogi beef pots, have raw meats for grilling like pork belly, wagyu tenderloin, premium wagyu beef brisket, etc. You will hardly want to check into another Korean restaurant.

Address: Level 2 / 605-609 George St, Sydney
Contact: (02) 9296 0222

678 Kanghodong Baekjeong

678 is part of a global chain, but that doesn't stop this popular brand from impressing, whether in Eastwood or Sydney CBD.
Credit: 678, Instagram

Although 678 is part of a global chain, it’s clear the owners wanted this bustling KBBQ to feel like a singular entity. Each of the restaurant’s locations – Central Business District, Haymarket, Eastwood – doesn’t feel like part of a global empire like Shake Shack and Jollibee’s. 678 is one of the only Korean barbecue restaurants in Sydney that makes all of its banchans in-house. Most of the meat at this Korean restaurant has a high marbling score and comes from some of Australia’s top producers, making it good quality meat.

Address: Boutique 34/1 Dixon Street, Sydney
Contact: (02) 9261 0888

Sydney madang

Madang remains one of the most popular places to get Korean barbecue in Sydney.
Credit: Sydney Madang, Instagram

In a mundane alley on Pitt Street, Sydney Madang remains one of the port city’s most popular Korean restaurants. The waiting list is usually as stacked as the menu here, with all the typical Korean comfort foods listed along with those prominent cuts of beef. The seafood pancakes are some of the best you’ll find in a Korean restaurant, so make sure you have a few sitting there while the meat is grilling.

Address: 371A Pitt St, Sydney
Contact: (03) 9264 7010

Yang San Park

Yang San Park is definitely one of the best Korean barbecue restaurants in Sydney.
Credit: Yang San Park, Instagram

Located on Dixon Street in Sydney, this popular Korean barbecue restaurant is consistently one of the busiest restaurants in the area. This is no surprise, and popularity is consistently met with a huge selection offering some of the best delicious cuts of meat for the table, as well as Korean comfort food to really show how tempting this cuisine is.

Address: Boutique 21/1 Dixon St, Sydney

Jang Ta Bal

Best Korean BBQ in Sydney - Jang Ta Bal
Credit: Jang Ta Bal, Instagram

With three locations – Haymarket, Strathfield, and Campsie – Jang Ta Bal is an easy hit among local Korean barbecue fans. Like many other Korean restaurants on this list, a delicious dining experience here is like a party. Order over 7 blades of marbled oysters, pork belly and scotch fillets on the menu, making the CBD outpost one of the best places for anyone with a barbecue craving.

Address: Level 1/73 Liverpool St, Sydney (also in Strathfield and Campsie)
Contact: 0424 547 375

MyungJang Obaltan

MyungJang Obaltan is one of the best Korean barbecues Sydney has to offer.
Credit: MyungJang Obaltan, Instagram

MyungJang Obaltan is an easy choice when it comes to the most delicious and premium Korean barbecue in town. Every detail of the experience is perfect here, from the spotlessly clean grill plates to the delicious rounds of banchan that always accompany a traditional Korean meal. It’s a perfect way to showcase Sydney’s Korean food scene and the taste that goes with it. Your group will never stop thanking you for choosing this restaurant.

Address: 363A Pitt St, Sydney
Contact: (02) 9269 0299

Korean Gyeong Bok Gung

Korean barbecue has never looked so good, with Gyeong Bok Gung's big chunks of meat.
Credit: Gyeong Bok Gung Korean, Instagram

Head to West Ryde to find Korean restaurant Gyeong Bok Gung, and you won’t regret it. The restaurant staff offers around 12 different types of banchan at the table, ranging from kimchi, a bean dish and pickled shallots, to sweet potato noodles and pickled cucumber, and other staples of this cuisine to your own. taste. This is one of the most generous offerings on any Korean barbecue in Sydney, and it’s even before platters of delicious meats start to arrive, which for the adventurous will usually include a few off-center cuts that you can enjoy. subscribe.

Address: 1031 Victoria Road, West Ryde
Contact: 0456 989 888


KOGI has a special place in the heat of many Korean barbecue enthusiasts in Sydney.
Credit: KOGI Korean BBQ, Instagram

Located within Market City, KOGI is one of the most contemporary and accessible Korean barbecue restaurants in Sydney that you can also subscribe to. For starters, it’s one of the few that has its own dedicated website. In addition to steamed rice, noodles, and lightly spiced kimchi, grab some premium prime rib, bulgogi, and marinated pork if you want the standard meal to sit on your table, ready to cook, charcoal and to taste. Although the menu is large and varied enough for the more adventurous diners to spend a day in the field. If you want to taste exactly why Korean cuisine is so unique, KOGI is the place to be.

Address: Market Town Level 3, 9-13 Hay St, Haymarket
Contact: (02) 9042 1637


Credit: Danjee, Instagram

Danjee is a bit more premium when it comes to authentic KBBQ food. Subscribe to duck and octopus before settling on the classic cuts of beef and pork, and always make sure the banchan, kimchi, and rice bowls keep coming out for you to enjoy and enjoy. appreciate. Danjee’s kitchen also offers a modern take on hot and cold Korean dishes. So you might want to peruse the menu carefully to see how the kitchen experiences traditional Korean dishes that you can cook.

Address: 1-7 Albion Pl, Sydney
Contact: (02) 8084 9041

Bornga Korean BBQ Restaurant

best korean barbecue sydney - Bornga.
Credit: Bornga, Instagram

The atmosphere and service at Bornga is loud, exciting, and incredibly addicting for group meals. The thinly sliced ​​beef loin is kind of a signature here, so be sure to order some of it with marbled wagyu and pork cuts for your enjoyment. The meat here is cut very thinly, so don’t leave it on the charcoal grill for too long. Other Korean dishes on the menu include delicious beef dishes and more side dishes (and gravy) than you could handle in one go.

Address: Level 1/78 Harbor St, Haymarket
Contact: 0417 054 555

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Korean BBQ Sydney – Frequently Asked Questions

korean barbecue in sydney

Where is the best Korean barbecue in Sydney CBD?

Most of the Korean barbecue restaurants here are located just outside the center, with many of the best scattered around Chinatown. Among the most consistent are 678, Seoul-Ria and Bornga. The service is super fast and attentive at all of these places, and the food speaks for itself.

What should I order from Korean BBQ?

Almost every Korean barbecue restaurant will have multi-page menus and lots of options. Don’t get overwhelmed; wait for your free banchan number (side dishes) to arrive, then order marinated galbi beef, seafood pancakes, Korean fried chicken, ribs and traditional Tteok-bokki, and of course cooked rice steamed and gravy – maybe even soup. Then order raw meats like pork belly, oyster blades and brisket – then just enjoy.

Where is Little Korea located in Sydney?

Strathfield and East Ryde are commonly referred to as Little Korea due to the density of Korean restaurants, whether they specialize in fried chicken or barbecued for your enjoyment.

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