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Lynda Balslev United Features Syndicate

Summer is all about grilling, which means everyone should have a marinade up their sleeve to dip and baste their favorite grills. This no-fail marinade is tangy and sweet, with a touch of garlicky Sriracha for warmth. It is also suitable for almost anything you would like to grill, including meat, chicken, fish and vegetables.

One protein that always loves a good marinade is chicken breast, which is basically a blank slate when it comes to cooking. White meat is soft and can easily dry out, so a juicy marinade does double duty in terms of flavor and tenderness of the meat. There are a few tricks to introduce the flavor of the marinade into the chicken. One is to score the whole breasts across the diagonal, about 1/4 inch deep, allowing the marinade to seep into the meat. Another option is to cut the chicken breasts into large chunks and thread them onto skewers. Not only are the skewers fun to eat, but the pieces provide more surfaces and edges that can char and crisp on the grill – because who doesn’t love all those crispy bits?

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Sriracha is the ubiquitous Thai red chili sauce with a rooster on the label, which is why it’s often called rooster sauce. While it’s a handy squeeze bottle for seasoning Asian-inspired dishes, it’s also an essential condiment for, well, almost anything. It’s wonderfully balanced with a salty, sweet and spicy heat, and a little nuttiness enhances salad dressings, dips, dressings and, of course, marinades.

When preparing skewers, be sure to cut the chicken and vegetables into similar sized pieces to ensure even cooking.

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