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Fresh, fresh fruit is always a refreshing treat during a scorching summer barbecue. But let’s face it: watermelon and cantaloupe chunks get a little old by the time August rolls around.

Spice up your next fruit fiesta with Tajin Seasoning, a zesty spice blend that’s been a staple of Latin American pantries for ages.

If you haven’t tried Tajin over fruit yet, you are in for a wonderful surprise. The potent powder, born in Mexico, zaps fruits with salt, citrus and spices and magically transforms them.

(I once saw a Mexican grandma chasing a girl who forgot to put Tajin on her fruit plate, frantically shaking the little canister – it’s so good.)


A quick and easy fruit kebab recipe from The Kitchn is a great introduction to the Fruit Tajin: it’s cool, super fresh and not too sweet – just what you need when the scorching days get hotter.

The skewers start with pineapple, mango and watermelon. We love you, cantaloupe, but sometimes a break is needed. Cucumber, an unusual ingredient for fruit skewers, is also in order. Choose English cucumbers instead of conventional ones for fewer seeds and more flavor.

Cut the fruit into 1-inch cubes and pile them on half of a baking sheet. You will use the other half for the assembled skewers. (Note: if young children will be present, eliminate the worry of sharp skewers by saving some of the fruit in a bowl as a fruit salad.)


Using 8-10 pieces per skewer, add the fruit and cucumber cubes one at a time, creating a sequence. Once done, you can wrap the whole leaf in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.

When you’re ready to serve, squeeze half a lime onto the platter to liven up the flavors. Then add Tajin as a finishing touch, to liven things up even more. (Recipe suggests 1 tsp for the whole batch, but I’d go with more for seasoned fans – ha, sorry – Tajin-on-fruit.)

Serve immediately and watch the delicious response! Find the full recipe and instructions from The Kitchen here.

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