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Nigel Slater’s Mushroom Muffin Recipe | Vegetarian food and drink

Less a dinner party, more a light lunch or a hearty midweek snack, toasted muffins stacked with a creamy cheesy cargo tick all the boxes for me. Thinly slice 300 g of small mushrooms. Tear the leaves from a handful of thyme leaves – you need about 2 tbsp. Heat 4 tablespoons of olive oil […]

Here’s the best way to serve grilled skirt steak – Orange County Register

The long, thin cut known as a skirt steak is prized for its delicious beefy flavor rather than its tenderness. Beautifully marbled, it grills quickly. Adorned with grill marks, it’s irresistible topped with flavored butter, a blended concoction that combines butter with finely chopped shallots and chives, plus a splash of red wine vinegar. Leftover […]

Chef Steven Leake shares his Jamaican Jerk Chicken recipe

Jamaican jerk chicken Total cooking time: 1 hour. Yield: 10 Ingredients 8 green onions, chopped 4 large garlic cloves, minced 3 Scotch Bonnet peppers, chopped 1 small onion, chopped 1/4 cup dark brown sugar 2 tablespoons chopped thyme 2 tablespoons ground allspice Salt to taste 2 tablespoons chopped fresh ginger 1 teaspoon of cinnamon 1/2 […]

Pakma Lakshmi shares a chipotle slaw recipe with a tip to make it “a little healthier”

TV host, presenter, former model and cookbook author Padma Lakshmi’s recipes are always an exciting addition to meals. 🗞️Subscribe now: get Express Premium to access the best election reports and analysis 🗞️ From chutneys to dips, Padma often takes to Instagram to share some of her favorite recipes, along with a heartwarming story. Recently, she […]

Recipe: Sam Mannering Baked Eggs with Zucchini, Tomatoes and Chickpeas

Sam Mannering/supplied This recipe is decidedly simple, basic even. It’s all about ease and zen on the weekends, after all. It’s time to celebrate the ritual of a long, lazy weekend breakfast, writes resident Sunday chef Sam Mannering. Despite, or maybe because of all the boujee, Dutch connotations, I feel like I don’t write much […]

This New Orleans BBQ Shrimp Recipe Is A Bowl Of Big Bold And Buttery Goodness

Mardi Gras is a time of excess, and these New Orleans barbecue shrimp are perfect. This decadent recipe will exceed all reasonable fat and cholesterol levels – I indulge myself about once a year. For those unfamiliar with the dish, it is not actually a “barbecue”, but rather a pan-fried preparation in which jumbo or […]

Ixta Belfrage’s Vegan Recipe for Tagliatelle with Charred Red Pepper Sauce and Salsa Verde | Vegan food and drink

Jhere are many uses for this charred red pepper sauce. It’s delicious tossed into pasta, but you can also serve it with potted butter beans or as a soup, each time with the tangy salsa on top to cut through the richness. If you go for pasta, feel free to get creative with the shape […]

Chrissy Teigen’s Simple Tuna Fondue Recipe Is The Ultimate Comfort Food

When you’re craving comfort food, a reliable choice is a grilled grilled sandwich, especially if it has a generous amount of melted cheese. Chrissy Teigen just had a year that calls for comfort food, and she’s whipping up a carefully crafted tuna melt that fits the bill perfectly. Best of all, she’s shared the celebrity […]

Stephanie Alexander’s “Ultimate Summer Salad” Has Just Five Ingredients

We’re about to hit the peak of tomato season – that special time of year, from late summer through fall, when tomatoes ripen and reach their peak of juicy flavor. This super-easy five-ingredient recipe from celebrity Australian chef, Stephanie Alexander, makes tomatoes the star. “Everything we really need to [its] success is good tomatoes and […]

Broccoli and Chicken Burger Recipe with Gooey Cheddar Pockets to Create a Juicy Moxie Sandwich

All you’re asked to do is chop up a bunch of broccoli and green onions, grate some extra sharp cheddar, and toss it all into the ground meat. Form patties, salt and pepper the outside and fry until golden brown and cooked through. The additions thwart any risk of dryness, but also taste so good […]

Best Air Fryer Chicken Wings Recipe

Will Dickey When planning an entree menu for a big party, chicken wings always come to mind! Whether coated in lemon-pepper seasoning, dusted with garlic and Parmesan cheese, oven-roasted or fried…one fact remains the same: the people. To like. Chicken wings. The air fryer makes chicken wings faster and just as crispy as traditional recipes […]

The best recipe for grilled cheese and tomato soup relies on a simple tool

CHILL GRILL What could be better on a stressful day than a grilled cheese sandwich with a soothing serving of tomato soup? This recipe is everything this classic combo should be: simple, streamlined, delicious. Photo: Amy Leonard Through Sarah Karnasiewicz February 8, 2022 4:38 PM ET IT’S THE TRUTH universally recognized that grilled cheese and […]

Adam Liaw’s Smoked Chipotle Ribs Recipe

Ingredients 2 tablespoons sweet brown sugar 2 tablespoons smoked paprika 1 teaspoon of salt ½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 2 kg American-style pork chops Chipotle barbecue sauce (extra) 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 1 large onion, peeled and chopped 5 garlic cloves, peeled and minced 1 apple, peeled, cored and coarsely chopped 1 cup of […]

Grilled Portobello and Provolone Sliders

Meat lover and tailgate expert, John Currence would never replace a steak or burger with a veggie slider. But he loves grilled mini portobellos, especially when the mushroom is seriously drenched in red wine, soy sauce, Dijon, herbs and other ingredients before lighting the fire. This recipe, from the Mississippi restaurateur’s 2020 cookbook, “TAILGREAT: How […]

Best Chicken Taquitos Recipe – How To Make Chicken Taquitos

Will Dickey Crispy, cheesy, chock-full of chicken — what’s not to love about a good taquito? Next time you’re walking down the freezer aisle and looking for a box of chicken taquitos, escape the cold and make this recipe from scratch! Whether you’re serving them as a Super Bowl snack or feasting on them for […]

Recipe: Pots of tomato, basil and mozzarella bruschetta

MANJA WACHSMUTH These fresh and tasty individual jars are perfect for a picnic. Individual jars offer a fun – not to mention tidy and portable – way to serve delicious bruschetta toppings. You will need six half-cup jars for this recipe. For 6 persons Ingredients 500g cherry tomatoes or other small tomatoes, halved 8 coarsely […]

Recipe: Two Ways with Sumac and Chickpeas

Sam Manning Some ingredients make perfect partners, and Resident Sunday Chef Sam Mannering thinks sumac and chickpeas are a perfect match. Both of these recipes start out more or less the same, for your convenience. I’m a big believer in the two birds, stone school of thought. Many small duplicates. Chickpeas and sumac are very […]

Chef Spike Mendelsohn’s Vegan Chili Recipe

Excellent chef alum Spike Mendelsohn is disrupting the plant-based culinary world with his new NYC fast food restaurant, PLNT Burger, which offers classic-tasting burgers, nuggets and more, made with Beyond Meat and chicken. We sat down with the popular chef and restaurateur, who shared his favorite vegan chili recipe, secrets to success, and big plans […]

Learn how to make galbi-jjim a Korean braised short ribs recipe

Korean galbi-jjim, a rich stew of beef ribs and vegetables, is one of the best cold dishes in the world. Lightly sweetened with a deeply fragrant base of soy and sesame, this spectacular dish is perfect for a chilly winter day. Traditionally a high-end dish in Korean cuisine due to the inclusion of beef, galbi-jjim […]

Recipe: Pollo Asado with Creamy Green Sauce

Todd Eyre/New Zealand Home and Garden Pollo Asado with Creamy Green Sauce The name, pollo asado, means grilled chicken but this dish can also be roasted. Either way, the chicken will be juicy and full of flavor thanks to the spicy citrus marinade. READ MORE:* Recipe: Quinoa Stuffed Eggplant with Tahini Sauce * Recipe: Breaded […]

Jamaican Oxtail — The Citizen

Prepare this juicy and delicious Jamaican oxtail dish with your favorite side salad and starch dish. Invite your family and loved ones to try this revisited oxtail recipe, which they are sure to love. Jamaican oxtail Jamaican oxtail. Photo: iStock For the jerk barbecue sauce 500ml bottle of barbecue sauce of your choice 1/4 cup […]

Chef Mark Celebrates NFL Playoff Season With Pulled Chicken Recipe

NFL Playoff Pulled Chicken Sliders We’re celebrating the 2022 NFL playoff season with a tasty sandwich, by Certified Executive Chef Mark Shoopman, CEC, CFBE Ingredients 8 toasted buns each. 8 boneless, skinless chicken thighs As needed Spicy brown sugar rub, recipe follows ½ cup cider vinegar 1 ½ cups of water Unlimited favorite barbecue sauce, […]

Eric Akis: An easy meatloaf recipe for a comforting meal for two

As noted in a recent column, lately I’ve had requests from readers for recipes that serve two. Dinners a couple could enjoy while nestled at home awaiting the day the pandemic ends. I’ve cooked quite a few and today I have another one, a comfort food classic: meatloaf. It’s a dish with a less than […]

This Lip-Smacking BBQ Chicken Wings Recipe Is Overloaded Indulgence

There’s no denying that any chicken dish is enough to make a foodie drool! It is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. You can fry them, bake them, grill them or even turn them into snacks, curries and sauces – a chicken recipe can be twisted any way you like. Whichever recipe […]

Rachel Roddy’s Recipe for Shepherd-Style Pasta with Ricotta, Pecorino and Guanciale | Food

Anear the years of driving and remembering that “someday we should stop here for lunch”, we finally made it. We left Via Ternana, a few hundred meters before the Poggio Mirteto station in Lazio, and entered a large informal parking lot where we immediately found a place near the wall with the sun and the […]

Lily’s (formerly Oliver’s) in Glenville continues to win the recipe – great food, great prices, welcoming atmosphere – The Daily Gazette

“Smells good,” my friend Sheryl said as we walked through the windy parking lot at Lily’s Cafe. Always a good sign. The aroma presaged a good meal and it was okay. The white one-story building is across from the Stratton Air National Guard base, and during our meal we were treated to the sight of […]

Mosley’s Barbecue owner posts rub recipe that helped define Iowa barbecue in North Liberty, Iow

Mosley owner Sean Keller with his barbecue in North Liberty, Iowa on Wednesday, January 5, 2022 (Jim Slosiarek / The Gazette) Pork butts rested on a grill in a barbecue pit at Mosley’s in North Liberty, Iowa on Wednesday, Jan.5, 2022 (Jim Slosiarek / The Gazette) Mosley’s in North Liberty, Iowa, Wednesday, January 5, 2022 […]

Sanjeev Kapoor Butter Chicken Recipe is a Safe Try

Sanjeev Kapoor’s Butter Chicken Recipe is a must-try for many reasons. The main reason is that it is quick, quick, and easy to do. Delicious and finger-licking, this recipe has worked as a sure hit for many people who have never made Butter Chicken before and even for those who consider themselves a “BC” expert. […]

Try the Cauliflower in Dirty Fake Rice Recipe

Cauliflower has gone from boring to trendy as a replacement for carbohydrates and meat over the past four years or so. A cup of cooked cauliflower contains around 25 calories (compared to 204 calories for the same serving of white rice and 216 for the brown variety). Plus, this serving of cauliflower contains 100% of […]

Thomasina Miers Recipe For Grilled Hispi Caesar Salad | Food

Ther outrageously good supper arrived one afternoon when I was craving the anchovy parmesan vinaigrette from a classic Caesar salad. But it was cold outside and I needed more material on the plate, so instead of the crunchy lettuce came wedges of grilled, very soft and smoky hispi cabbage, which I placed on toast toast. […]

Recipe: Spicy Paste Transforms Whole Roasted Cauliflower | Food

We rarely appreciate cauliflower for what it is. We grill slices of it and pretend it’s steak. We crush it like potatoes. We even make it into pizza crusts. But cooks all over the world, from Greece to Israel to China, have shown us how good it can be. That is, when we stop worrying […]

Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe (Bokkeum Bap)

Chef’s Notes Like the cuisine of many cultures, Korean dishes are designed to use up every piece of food before it spoils. Kimchi fried rice is, like bibimbap, a “recipe” born out of need, when grocery stores weren’t on every corner and people had to make do with what they had in the refrigerator. Well, […]

The great recipe of the great times: roasted tomato soup

It’s Christmas Eve and it should be colder than today … Oh good. It will be colder soon enough. Usually January and February are our coldest months, so let’s create a recipe to warm yourself up: soup! It’s another gift from my neighbor, Jackie. The video is my first time doing it and we liked […]

SoMD Chronicle Recipe of the Week: BBQ cravings

(Family characteristics) Something about summer brings out the cravings for the perfect grill. Whether it’s the unmistakable flavor of a side of slowly smoked ribs or a flaming tenderloin fillet, you can’t go wrong when you take out the grill. Barbecue enthusiasts, who let only the best meats grace their grills and smokers, know that […]

Spinach with eggnog cream recipe from ‘Top Chef’ Richard Blais

Do creamed spinach and eggnog go together? Excellent chef Richard Blais said yes, so we gave it a try. (Photo: Terri Peters) What do eggnog and cream of spinach have in common? According to Excellent chef alum Richard Blais, the festive combo is perfect for adding a unique twist to a traditional holiday side dish. […]

Spice things up with this house blend

We all love a little hot sauce, right? Or if you don’t like hot sauce, surely you like to watch other people eat hot sauce. Hi, hot ones? Or maybe you’re not looking for a sauce as hot as the ones featured on Hot Ones, but if you want a recipe for making a delicious […]

This weekend try a melted processed cheese sandwich recipe

Close your eyes and imagine that you are in Maui. Maybe you’re talking about a beach with turquoise waters and a surfboard; or Rude People from this year’s HBO hit series White lotus. If you think of food, you might think of a fresh poke or lunch on a plate. What you probably don’t think […]

Master New York Striploin Steak Seared Upside Down with this Recipe

Image: Supplied Do you consider yourself a steak maestro? What about New York striploin seared upside down? Not an expert at that one? Well read on my dear friend. We turned to Adam Roberts, BBQ expert, Steak Extraordinary and co-founder of the Australasian Barbecue Alliance, to get his recipe for NY strip loin steak seared […]

Here’s the recipe for the ULTIMATE Spicy Beef Christmas Sandwich

Sure; the rest of the country may be happy with the old turkey and plain ham, but in December, the people of Corkon need to be assured that there will be three types of meat to choose from, especially when it comes to the leftover sandwich. of the utmost importance. Interestingly, spicy beef has graced […]

Michelle Palmer: Everyone Loves a Good Green Bean (Recipe)

Michelle Palmer’s recipe is for Grandma’s French Green Beans. By Michelle Palmer Saturday 11 December 2021 Everyone loves a good green bean. I wrote about this a few years ago and had some comments about the quality of green beans from my French grandmother. For those who did not understand it 6 years ago …Green […]

Recipe: Sam Mannering’s Cajun-Style Roast Salmon and Succotash

Sam mannering This easy and delicious spice blend can be spread over almost anything. The Cajun-Acadians are an ethnic group of French settlers who were displaced from their settlement in New France (what is now Canada) and settled in Louisiana in the mid-18th century. Adapting to their new surroundings, they developed a very distinct food […]

Chefs use “menu improvisation” for recipe ideation

Although people have returned to real in-person conferences in recent months, remote communication via video chat remains a convenient and cost-effective way for people to exchange ideas, and six channel business leaders restaurants recently did this for the purpose of generating ideas. seminar called Menu Improv. They generated dozens of ideas for sponsor Johnsonville Foodservice […]

Recipe: Claudia Roden’s cheese polenta cubes are crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside

Makes 54 Egyptian-born author Claudia Roden left Cairo as a young woman, went to Paris to a boarding school and eventually to London, where she studied art and eventually settled down. She wrote one of the first books on Middle Eastern cuisine 30 years ago, and has written nearly a dozen more. Her latest, “The […]

Vegan Creole Gumbo Recipe from Chef Charity Morgan

Grandmother Duplechans Creole Gumbo For 6 persons Ingredients: 1 cup vegetable oil (plus 1 tablespoon if using vegetable shrimp) ¾ cup all-purpose flour 1 large yellow onion, diced 1 large green bell pepper, seeded, seeded and diced 4 large stalks of celery, diced 6 garlic cloves, chopped 8 cups Chik’n broth or any vegetable broth […]

This is the foolproof roast chicken recipe you must try

Don’t call it “engagement chicken”. Let’s call it “chicken anytime” because roast chicken is one of the most flexible and forgiving meals around. It’s not even a recipe so much as a framework, which can be adapted to use whatever ingredients you have on hand. And while you can’t beat the convenience of a supermarket […]

Taste of TNF Recipe: BBQ Beef Breast Muffuletta Sandwich

Dr. BBQ’s BBQ Breast Muffuletta Sandwich This week’s Thursday night soccer game features two city teams renowned for their big flavor and big appetite. So Dr. BBQ has created a Texas-sized sandwich that is sure to be a big hit in the Big Easy. This week’s Thursday night soccer game features two city teams renowned […]

Taste of TNF Recipe: BBQ Beef Breast Muffuletta Sandwich

Dr. BBQ’s BBQ Breast Muffuletta Sandwich This week’s Thursday night soccer game features two city teams renowned for their big flavor and big appetite. So Dr. BBQ has created a Texas-sized sandwich that is sure to be a big hit in the Big Easy. This week’s Thursday night soccer game features two city teams renowned […]

Chef Bill Valentine’s Townline BBQ Pork Steaks

TownLine BBQ Pork Steaks Courtesy of TownLine BBQ Receive our Hamptons Insider newsletters direct to your doorstep. Learn how to prepare BBQ Townline BBQ pork steaks chef / pitmaster Bill Valentine and “Texas wet mop” for a delicious meal in the comfort of your home! Instructions: 1.Cut 1 whole piece of bone-in whole pork cut […]

Lachie Strachan’s recipe for Tex-Mex hot dogs

Tex-Mex Hot Dogs It’s my little fit on the standard backyard hot dog. The advantage of this recipe is that you can cook the ingredients in batches if you have a smaller barbecue. You can cook the vegetables first, then the sausages and then the rolls! Ingredients: 2 large jalapeño peppers, seeded and cut into […]

Adam Liaw’s BBQ Grilled Squid Recipe with Onion, Parsley & Oregano

Instead of marinating food before putting it on a barbecue, a great way to add a fresh flavor is to coat cooked food once it comes off. Ingredients 2 medium whole squid, cleaned 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons finely grated parsley ½ teaspoon of dried oregano ¼ tsp of honey juice […]

Taste of TNF recipe: turkey pie

Dr. BBQ’s Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes As you lean back to enjoy Thanksgiving football and soccer, here are a few ways to mix up those leftovers for Friday. Chances are, at some point on Thursday you’re going to feel drunk. But on Friday, you’ll probably be wondering what to do with all that Thanksgiving leftover. Instead […]

Taste of TNF recipe: turkey pie

Dr. BBQ’s Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes As you lean back to enjoy Thanksgiving football and soccer, here are a few ways to mix up those leftovers for Friday. Chances are, at some point on Thursday you’re going to feel drunk. But on Friday, you’ll probably be wondering what to do with all that Thanksgiving leftover. Instead […]

Spice up your Thanksgiving turkey with this fiery recipe

Looking to take things up a notch for Thanksgiving? With the help of talented chefs and bartenders from around the world, Modelo Negra has developed a selection of delicious dishes and beer cocktails that represent the best flavors from Mexico and beyond. This includes a spicy beer-brined grilled turkey for the big day, as well […]

Spice up your Thanksgiving turkey with this fiery recipe

Looking to shake things up a few notches this Thanksgiving? With the help of talented chefs and bartenders from around the world, Modelo Negra has developed a selection of delicious dishes and beer cocktails that represent the best flavors from Mexico and beyond. This includes a spicy beer-brined grilled turkey for the big day, as […]

Recipe: Breaded Rack of Lamb with Mustard and Hasselback Potatoes

Maite Paternain / NZ Home & Garden Breaded rack of lamb with mustard and Hasselback potatoes. This mustard-breaded rack of lamb is an elegant but easy to prepare dish, ideal for entertaining with friends or family. The crumb is full of tasty ingredients and has the added benefit of helping the meat stay juicy. READ […]

Recipe: Grilled asparagus with ricotta, parmesan and crispy prosciutto

Maite Paternain / NZ Home & Garden Grilled asparagus with ricotta, parmesan and crispy prosciutto. Asparagus sides are always a great addition to any spring or summer meal. The extra ingredients pair perfectly with the asparagus and add a lot of flavor to this seemingly simple side dish. READ MORE:* Recipe: Grilled Oysters with Garlic […]

The marinade enhances the flavors of the chicken kebabs

November 17 — Found a new marinade for chicken that I love. It’s like Italian meets Asian, if there has ever been such a thing. The recipe says to marinate the chicken for at least three hours, but overnight is best. The flavors really go into the meat. Be sure to use low sodium soy […]

Quick Breakfast Recipe: How To Make A Chicken And Cheese Sandwich (Recipe Inside)

Mornings can sometimes be stressful. We get up, finish our morning chores, get ready, and immediately rush to college or work. In the midst of all the commotion, we often skip or neglect our breakfast. Breakfast, being the first meal of the day, is considered the most important meal of the day because it helps […]

Lachie Strachan’s recipe for the best beef sausage rolls

Beef sausage rolls with jalapeño and cheddar cheese Name an Australian who doesn’t like a crisp, juicy sausage roll! This is a variation of the old classic that, of course, you can cook in your barbecue. This is a spicy, cheese and beef pastry coated snack that will be a hit with your friends and […]

Grilled Cauliflower Skewers with Parsley Tahini Vinaigrette and Spicy Chili Jam

Simple to prepare and tasty as anything, these kebabs will be on your high rotation. It can be difficult to know what to barbecue if you’re trying to cut down on your meat intake, especially if you always want it to pack a punch in the flavor aisle. These skewers take the most delicious and […]

Glazed St. Louis Ribs with Mango Jalapeño BBQ Sauce

These smokers St. Louis Pork Chops with Mango Jalapeño BBQ Sauce from Chef Glenn Rolnick of Virgil’s real barbecue are tender and delicious from start to finish. You can roast them or adapt them for the oven. Anyway, the Rub dry (which contains paprika, garlic, sugar, and chili powder) and the hot sauce (with fresh […]

Grilled Chicken with Nectarine BBQ Sauce

Shoemakers and tart are delicious ways to enjoy summer stone fruit, but these sweet fruit flavors are also surprisingly great in savory recipes. When yellow nectarines are cooked with onions, ketchup, brown sugar and chipotles, they turn into a sweet and smoky barbecue sauce. This fruity twist on the standard BBQ sauce is great with […]

Guinness Stout Marinade

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a juicy cut of meat or use this marinade to grill when warm weather calls. It flavors the tri-tip, or any cut of meat, with herbal notes, and the tart lime juice and zest help soften the bitterness of the Guinness. Serve your steak with sour cream mashed potatoes or […]

Grilled Chicken Breasts with Honey-Dijon Marinade

Honey, Dijon mustard, olive oil and garlic make a flavorful marinade for boneless, skinless chicken breasts in this recipe adapted from the Food Network. Grill, slice and serve with rice pilaf or our easy sautéed zucchini. Yield: 4 servings Difficulty: Easy Total: 25 mins + 2h marinade active: 20 mins Ingredients (8) 2 tablespoons of […]

Lemon marinade does double duty for roast chicken

In the market squares of Sicily and Calabria, street vendors douse thick swordfish chops with a brilliant mixture of lemon juice and olive oil, toast them over steaming coals and fill the air with ‘a seductive mix of char and sweet. The simple, old-fashioned combination is called salmoriglio, and it’s the main way fish is […]

Lemon marinade does double duty for roast chicken

Street vendors in Sicily douse thick swordfish chops with a brilliant mixture of lemon juice and olive oil before and after charring them on the grill Through CHRISTOPHER KIMBALL Milk Street by Christopher Kimball September 13, 2021, 12:06 • 3 minutes to read Share on FacebookShare on twitterEmail this article In the market squares of […]

Grilled brat skewers with vegetables and mustard BBQ sauce: try the recipe

Here’s a perfect recipe for the start of the Labor Day weekend. Wendy o’neal, creator of the lifestyle blog Around my family table, shared his recipe for “Brat Vegetable Skewers with Mustard BBQ Sauce” with Fox News ahead of the holiday weekend. NASHVILLE BBQ PRO REVEALS ITS SIGNATURE MAS PUDDING: TRY THE RECIPE In her […]

Lunch break: Mojo Marinade for a roast pork

Chef Joshua Karther, Executive Chef of Water’s Edge at Hyatt Lodge Oak Brook 2815, boul. Jorie, Oak Brook Hyatt Lodge Oak Brook Website Event: The whiskey made you lose your feet, a Macallan tasting event, Friday, September 17 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Evening dinner will include roast pork and tasting dishes carefully prepared […]

Filipino BBQ Recipe – Grand Rapids Magazine

TEsteban’s love for cooking was inspired by his grandfather. “Growing up, my grandfather was an amateur cook. He was able to retire at a young age, so he was always in the kitchen polishing and trying out recipes. He loved to feed everyone and anyone. I have always been very interested and loved being his […]

This easy yogurt marinade is the key to tender chicken kebabs

Cutting a piece of meat into bite-size pieces and attaching them to a skewer before grilling it might seem like an unnecessary extra step in the dinner-making process, but the effort can be worth it. First off, as everyone in Minnesota who attends state fairs knows, food on a stick is fun. But it’s not […]

Marinade gives grilled shrimp a boost | Food

Here’s a hot dish that you can grill anytime! This tasty marinade will give your shrimp a boost of flavor. Plus, it’s easy to prepare and quick to grill. This recipe makes five 1/3 cup servings. Ingredients for the marinade 1 pound of shrimp; frozen or fresh peeled and deveined 1/4 cup of lime juice […]

Chef Andy: BBQ sauce to tickle your ribs

By Andy Mueller Corresponding As the grilling season reaches warping speed in the region, the options are almost limitless as to what you can cook on the grill. Burgers and kids are the most popular, but a juicy rack of ribs with a tangy and sweet caramelized barbecue sauce on top makes the competition tough. […]

Tandoori-style marinade leads to tender, boldly seasoned grilled chicken

Ellie Krieger THE WASHINGTON POST – The words “healthy, grilled chicken” can usually cause a bored yawn, but this recipe goes against that reputation with a captivating tapestry of spice and luscious tenderness that makes you want to dance around the house. kitchen, or at the very least burst into the hands of jazz. The […]

Irish whiskey barbecue sauce recipe

Irish whiskey and barbecue sauce are a perfect match for beef, chicken, ribs, lamb, kebabs, burgers, sausages … whatever you want! It’s national barbecue month! I thought I would give you my special barbecue sauce and basting sauce recipes, which will help you turn your barbecue into something really special. Both sauces can be used […]

Get Rid Of It By Rummaging At These Top Rated BBQ Restaurants – Film Daily

From succulent fatty brisket and melt-in-your-mouth grated pork to sweet and savory barbecued ribs, there is nothing more satisfying in the summer heat than a good old-fashioned barbecue. Remember, the barbecue is not burgers and hot dogs. . . it’s a barbecue. A barbecue consists of a range of meats rubbed in spices and lightly […]

Tandoori-style marinade leads to boldly seasoned grilled chicken that’s chewy and tender | Food

The words “healthy, grilled chicken” can usually cause a bored yawn, but this recipe goes against that reputation with a captivating tapestry of spice and succulent tenderness that makes you want to dance around the kitchen, or to at the very least burst into the hands of jazz. The dish gets its bold flavor from […]

How to make Alabama’s famous white barbecue sauce [recipe]

Pulled Chicken BBQ Sandwich with White Sauce – Image courtesy of The Food Channel Preparation time: 5 minutes | Cooking time: 40 minutes | Serves: 4 In the United States of BBQ, four regions reign supreme: Kansas City, Memphis, Carolina and Texas. But there are plenty of regional barbecue styles that haven’t earned the respect […]

Tiny Kitchen Magic: BBQ Pulled Pork with Maple Chipotle BBQ Sauce

As promised, it’s time to complete the Wonder Twins one-two punch from my mini BBQ series. Last month I showed everyone how to make amazing collard greens – the best barbecue side on the planet. This month, it’s time for the main event. This is what I consider to be my “signature” dish that has […]

A two-ingredient marinade that doubles as a sauce

Great little recipe has the smallest ingredient list possible and everything in between: flavor, creativity, wow factor. That means five or less ingredients, not including water, salt, black pepper, and some fats (like oil and butter), because we’re assuming you’ve got them covered. Psst, have you heard that we are releasing a cookbook? We’re pulling […]

5 ways to cook small smokies with or without barbecue sauce

The Super Bowl is up there with New Years Eve, Halloween and July 4th as one of the most festive holidays ever. So it’s normal to feel pressured when trying to figure out what dish to bring to the party. We suggest you look no further than the American tradition and the Little Smokies (AKA […]