Stubb’s Dr Pepper BBQ Sauce is a taste of Texas in a bottle

There is absolutely nothing more “Texas“than Dr Pepper and BBQ. I’ve been grilling with Stubb’s original barbecue sauce for years and think it’s the best barbecue sauce in the grocery store. Until just a few days ago, I was grilling. spotted Stubb’s legendary Bar-BQ Dr Pepper sauce proudly sitting on the shelf I immediately grabbed a bottle and let me tell you, it’s the Lone Star State wrapped in a bottle.

Everything about Stubb’s

Stubb’s legendary Bar-BQ made its debut in Lubbock, TX, after CB Stubblefield, known simply as “Stubb”, opened his own Bar-BQ after feeding thousands as a sergeant in mess during the Korean War. He started bottling his signature sauces in old whiskey bottleand jars of jam to take home to customers, and by 1992 (more than 20 years after Legendary Stubb’s restaurant opened), the iconic brand was finally available in stores.

Today, the brand sells nine mouth-watering sauces, including Sticky Sweet, Sweet Heat, Hickory Bourbon, Honey Pecan and Dr Pepper. Made from all-natural flavors, these condiments are perfect as a marinade for your steak or as a garnish for your pork chops.

Stubb’s Dr Pepper BBQ Sauce


This sauce is a piece of Texas story and a one-of-a-kind match made in Lone Star Heaven according to the Stubb website. Made with all-natural ingredients including brown sugar, tomato paste, apple cider vinegar and molasses, Dr Pepper Bar-bq sauce also includes a natural hickory smoke flavor and Rochester sauce, a hot sauce. spiced with tamarind, corn syrup and celery powder.

Certified gluten-free, Smokey and Dr Peppery Sauce contains the perfect mixes of delicious flavors that go well with everything from chicken to pulled pork. End the meal with a Dr Pepper Ice Cream and make Charles Alderton proud.

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