Qureshi Kebab Corner, and a 72-year-old recipe

As the sun sets, the bright lights of Chawri Bazar fill the space. The skewers, fresh and juicy, are put on the smoked grill then marinated with hot butter and onion rings before serving. The aroma and flavors of this delicious combination attract many people to the famous and oldest kebab shop near Jama Masjid, the Qureshi kebab corner.

The secret recipe for the 72-year-old Qureshi kebab was created by Haji Abdul Ghani Qureshi who passed it down to his sons. The shop is now run by his grandchildren known as brothers Qureshi, Ajmal, Amjad, Ershad, Salman and Arshad who carry on this legacy.

At the Qureshi kebab corner, the kabab is served with lots of melted butter on it and with roti rumali, onions and chutney. The perfect blend of spice and texture can make your mouth water and definitely leave you wanting more. They have 3 different varieties of skewers, namely chicken kabab, mutton kebab and fish kebab.

Building on their success, the Qureshi brothers created a design space for families. During our visit, CitySpidey saw people from distant places who had exclusively come to try the Qureshi Kebab corner. Ramesh Kapoor from Ghaziabad said, “I am not a kebab lover but after eating their kebabs I will tell my relatives and friends to come here as they are a must try.”

We met a group of Jyoti, Khushi and Kamaldeep friends. They had come from Uttam Nagar. Khushi says, “We loved their kababs. It’s even tastier than we thought. Basheer, a regular customer, says, “I’ve been coming here for 9 years because these are my kebabs.

Besides skewers, their menu also offers tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, butter chicken, biryani, chicken korma, and chicken changezi. A quest for kebabs can be enjoyed for just Rs 35, and the average cost for two people is Rs 400.

Photo credit: CitySpidey

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