New Pit Part of Sunbird Barbecue’s Recipe for Success | Local


Sunbird Barbecue owners Bryan Bingham and David Segovia expanded their business in the Longview area this week with the addition of a new pit that doubles their cooking space.

Luling-based Cen-Texas Smokers delivered the 1,000 gallon pit the day before Thanksgiving to the location of their food truck, parked at Heritage the Market in Green Top, at 7486 US 259 ​​right at the outside of Longview, Segovia said. The business partners, who previously worked together at Bodacious Bar-BQ on Mobberly Avenue, launched their food truck earlier this year.

Bingham said they first set the pit on fire on Monday.

“Having a professionally built (pit) made all the difference,” Bingham said, with Segovia adding that the new pit allows them to better regulate temperatures and other factors that affect the quality of the food.

They had started their business with a pit in their food truck and had already added two other outdoor pits.

They sell food every day, Bingham said, but a lot of that is because they just didn’t have the space to cook so much meat.

“This one just makes the game better for us,” Segovia said.

Sunbird is open 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday, with outdoor seating and cornhole games available.

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