Maine’s Stephen King stuns Twitter with his salmon recipe

Maine’s favorite son, Stephen King, has sold over 350 million books. But lately he’s known worldwide from Twitter as CHEF Stephen King. It comes after he revealed his favorite salmon recipe to his 6.6 million followers. Now you think if you’re Stephen King you could have salmon prepared any way in the world. He could certainly do something incredibly expensive and elaborate if he wanted to. But no……

Roasted salmon and vegetables

Jacek Chabraszewski

Are you ready? OKAY. Here is Stephen’s amazing salmon recipe:

Yeah. Just paper towels and a microwave. AWESOME. Stephen has received over 5,000 responses to his simple yet delicious way to cook salmon. Some loved it, but some let King have it. So Stephen had a follow-up Tweet:

We love this recipe…keep coming, SK! Salmon is one of those foods that tastes just as good in the microwave as it does on the stovetop or grill. Do I smell a Stephen King cookbook in the works? In fact, there is a sort of Stephen King cookbook. castle rock kitchen is a book that, according to the editors on Amazon:

is an immersive dining experience that ranges from the appetizing to the macabre, with gorgeous, moody photography to transport Stephen King fans to kitchen tables, dinner parties and picnic blankets across Maine. Recipes from drinks to dessert (and everything in between) are inspired by the meals and gatherings of over forty novels and stories set in the multiverse of King’s Castle Rock – a darker, more gothic version of the Maine most are familiar with. .”

Castle Rock Kitchen comes out in October. We HOPE he understands the salmon recipe!

AuthorStephen King. Chief Stephen King. Rock star Stephen King. The guy can do EVERYTHING!

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