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The Shepherd Park Plaza family of Gary, Josh and Bryan Talley are no barbecue newbies. Gary and his sons have been a professional barbecue team, Primetime Cookers, since 1994. And one thing people always wanted to know was their barbecue sauce.

The sauce was so popular that when Gary, the creator of the sauce, passed the recipe on to his sons, they decided to see if they could make a business out of it.

“We started in January and did about 100 4-ounce samples,” Josh said. “People liked it so much that they started placing orders and we realized that it could actually work.”

Seven months later, Come and Take It BBQ Sauce is a thriving business that produces more and more sauce. The sauce is available online and shipped across the United States, and it is sold in different markets, kitchens, and tournaments. Josh said they are also in the process of bringing it to the retail space.

“We wanted to do something different that you can’t find at the grocery store,” Josh said. “We are proud to be a real barbecue sauce. “

Josh explained that what makes the sauce unique is its versatility and flavor. The sauce is not too hot, too sweet, too vinegar, too thick, too runny or too bland. Josh described it as a happy medium that will satisfy everyone’s sauce preferences.

“The sauce has a hint of sweetness on the front and as the flavor sets in it packs a little bit of oomph,” Josh said. “We ice our ribs with it and our kids use it as a sauce to dip their chicken nuggets in. You can really use it anyway.”

The business has grown day by day over the past few months. In living rooms, people would taste the sauce and end up ordering a jar or two, then end up coming back to buy three or four jars to send to their families.

“We’ve had customers send us a picture of themselves on the couch with just a spoon saying they wish they’d bought more than one,” Josh said. “One of the things we joke about people is, ‘Do you want a straw with that? “”

With a name tied to Texas history, Josh said they even asked people to buy a jar strictly because of the name.

Going forward, the Talleys are hoping Come and Take It barbecue sauce will be a whole range of sauces, but for now, they’re working to bring a spicier version of their sauce to market.

“We’ve been doing this for a long time,” Josh said. “It has been passed down from generation to generation. We didn’t just decide to make barbecue sauce one day.

Find the sauce, which costs $ 8 for a 12-ounce jar, online at https://www.comeandtakeitbbqsauce.com/.

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