Homemade Grilled Vegetable Sandwich Recipe: A Vegetarian Bargain For A Great Breakfast

If the paratha is a breakfast staple for those with a desi palate, the sandwich is for those who prefer continental meals that are not too heavy in the morning. While every day we come across different varieties of sandwiches, the grilled sandwich remains a popular choice. A simple dish of breads enveloping bright, fresh and crunchy vegetables, suitable for all age groups. Even when it comes to grilled vegetable sandwiches, there are plenty of options. If you’re looking for a sure winner of a sandwich, your search ends here.

You might have made a lot of toasted sandwiches, but none look like this one. This sandwich is a pure vegetarian godsend. Cucumber, onion, bell pepper, potatoes, grated carrots and cottage cheese – all of these varied vegetables come together to make a great combination like no other. Imagine the mixture of so many different flavors, textures and colors coming out of your breads!

The cucumber, onion and bell pepper bring the ever delicious crunch to the table, while the grated carrot and paneer make the filling mushy and creamy. Who wouldn’t love this combination of crunch and cream in their sandwich? Of course, we know this can’t be a classic grilled sandwich without cheese. So we add cheese here too with mayonnaise.

Homemade Grilled Vegetable Sandwich I How to Make a Grilled Vegetable Sandwich:

Click here for the detailed recipe for the Grilled Vegetable Sandwich.

If you’re already a pro at making different sandwiches for breakfast, afternoon tea, or even midnight feast, this recipe should be a snap for you. Since there is a fair amount of veg involved in the preparation of this dish, you can even prepare ahead by chopping up the veggies and storing them in an airtight container. Just put it all together when it’s time to enjoy your favorite breakfast.

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