Hatch Vinegar Chicken Wings with Alabama BBQ Sauce Recipe

Chef’s Notes

I love this recipe because it reminds me of my roots in upstate New York enjoying Buffalo wings, but with a barbecue touch that doesn’t require a deep fryer.

Technical tip: Use a smoker if you have one, but if you don’t, a low heat grill works great. The wings can be smoked and / or cooked the night before.

Exchange option: Chicken thighs work great or even carrots or cauliflower for a veggie swap.


For all-purpose poultry seasoning:

Combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and toss to incorporate them evenly.

For the Alabama white barbecue sauce:

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and whisk to incorporate. Cover and let stand overnight in the refrigerator.

For the trapdoor vinegar wing sauce:

Combine the vinegar, apple juice, brown sugar, ketchup, salt, black pepper, crushed red pepper and chili powder to hatch in a large non-reactive container and puree using a hand mixer until fully incorporated.

Add the hot sauce and melted butter to the vinegar mixture and mix with a hand mixer until emulsified. Put aside.

For the wings:

Remove the wings from the packaging and wipe them dry. Toss with all-purpose poultry seasoning and let stand for 15 minutes. Preheat the grill to 250 ° F. Once the grill is up to temperature, place the wings on the upper grill rack and allow the wings to cook for 1 hour or until the internal temperature of the wings reaches 165 ° F. Remove the wings from the grill and let cool until you are ready to finish them.

Heat a gas or charcoal grill over medium-high heat and place the wings on the grill to develop char marks and warm up. Stir in the heated hatching vinegar wing sauce and serve with the Alabama white barbecue sauce on the side for dipping.

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