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The Shepherd Park Plaza family of Gary, Josh, and Bryan Talley are not newbies in grilling. Gary and his three sons have been part of a professional barbecue group, Primetime Cookers, since 1994. People have always been interested in learning the barbecue sauce they use. If you are looking for a business loans for BBQ business and other business loan apply online now with Citrus North bad credit is welcome.

The sauce became so well-known that when Gary, who created the sauce, passed on recipes to his children, they set out to see whether they could start the sauce into a business.

“We began in January, and we made around 100 4-ounce samples,” Josh said. “People were so impressed that they began to place orders, and we realized that it could be a success.”

Seven months after the launch, Come and Take It BBQ Sauce is a growing company making increasing quantities of sauce. The sauce is sold on the internet and is shipped across America. The United States sells it at different events, markets, and cook-offs. Josh says they’re also working on getting it into the retail space.

“We wanted to create something different than isn’t available at the supermarket,” Josh said. “We take pride in being the best BBQ sauce.”

Josh explained that the unique thing about the sauce is its variety and its flavor palate. It’s not too sweet, tangy, and vinegary, nor is it too thick, thin, or watery. Josh has described the sauce as a”happy middle” that can satisfy any taste in the sauce.

“The sauce has a hint of sweetness at the beginning side, and once the flavor begins to develop, it’s got some kick,” Josh said. “We apply glaze to our ribs using it, and we also use it as a condiment for dipping their chicken nuggets. You can use it however you want.”

The company’s sales grew every day during the past few months. On stage, people would sample the sauce and then buy one or two jars and then come back to purchase several jars to ship to their family members.

“We’ve received emails from customers who have sent us photos of themselves on the couch, with just one spoon, saying that they wish they’d purchased more than one spoon,” Josh said. “One of our jokes that we say to people is, “Would you like a straw for this?'”

The name is linked to Texas historical significance, and Josh said they’ve even seen people purchase the jar solely due to the title.

Soon the Talleys believe that they can bring Come to Take It BBQ Sauce will become an entire collection of sauces. But currently, they’re working towards finding a more spicy variant of the sauce to the market.

“We’ve practiced this method for a long period,” Josh said. “It’s been handed down from generation to generation. We didn’t decide to create an oblique barbecue sauce on one occasion.”