Four Arlington barbecue restaurants make Post’s new Top 10 list

If there’s one thing Arlington does particularly well from a culinary standpoint, it’s barbecuing.

Four Arlington restaurants have joined new Washington Post reviewer Tim Carman 10 best barbecue joints for CC zone list, placing the numbers 3, 4, 8 and 9.

The overrepresentation of Arlington restaurants on the list is a remarkable achievement, given that local restaurants often underperform regional restaurants. lists and rewards.

The barbecue joints that made The 2020 Carman List (below) include two that opened this year: Smokecraft and Ruthie’s.

  • Texas Jack’s (2761 Washington Blvd, Lyon Park) – “This Arlington restaurant has been at the top of this list for the past two years, a difficult task given the ups and downs of the barbecue, and it might have retained the title without a few small slips.”
  • Modern Smokecraft BBQ (1051 N. Highland Street, Clarendon) – “Darneille buys Duroc pork, Wagyu beef and all-natural chicken and cooks them on six different types of wood, constantly tinkering with techniques to get the most out of his gas smokers. The results are often enticing.
  • Ruthie’s All-Day (3411 5th Street S., Arlington Heights) – “Former Culinary Director of the Liberty Tavern Restaurant Group, including his smokehouse at Falls Church, Hill is fortunate to have an all-wood smokehouse at Ruthie’s… where he produces superb specimens of brisket, pulled pork and ribs. ”
  • Sloppy Mama’s (5731 Lee Highway & 4238 Wilson Blvd in Ballston Quarter Shopping Center) – “The store’s rich, smoky ground pork remains the gold standard. The homemade sausage, a pork tie emboldened with breast fat, cracks from the first bite, its richness cut very gently with pickle brine.
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