Five unique sauces made locally at SC restaurants

In South Carolina, there isn’t much distinction in the what and how of barbecue. The word primarily means pork, shoulders, or whole pork, slowly and slowly cooked over a cinder block or steel stove.

Where Sandlappers makes a difference is in the gravy. From the fine combination of vinegar and pepper along the coast, to the famous Carolina Gold of the “Mustard Belt” in the Midlands, to not one but two styles of tomato-based sauces in the north of the State, there are probably as many unique barbecue sauces in the area as there are places that sell them.

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Instead of trying to rank the “best” – because there are MANY good ones – here’s a look at five of our region’s most unique barbecue sauces.

Blackberry barbecue sauce

Smok’y Blues BBQ, 458 Oak Grove Road, Spartanburg

This hidden gem is distinguished by a tomato-based sauce that uses blackberries for a hint of sweetness. It’s perfect on Smok’y Blues Chicken and excellent on ribs.

Cheerwine BBQ Sauce

Carolina BBQ, 7119-A Lone Oak Road, Spartanburg

Named “South Carolina’s Best BBQ” by Southern Living magazine, Carolina offers Lexington-style pork, both finely and coarsely chopped, and the legendary red cabbage salad. There are also several choices of sauces, but this is it. It’s as distinct as any other, and there’s only one place to get it.

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Mustard sauce

Pig Out n ° 1, 3001 New Cut Road, Inman

One of the best examples of “Carolina Gold” in the region, the Pig Out version has very little sugar and noticeable red pepper flakes. It’s really spicy and really tasty.

ig-Out BBQ, on New Cut Road in Inman.  Pig Out BBQ's hot barbecue sauce (made with mustard) is one of their star sauces.

Lexington Dip

Southside Smokehouse, 726 S. Howard Ave., Landrum

There are three other sauces to choose from on the Cajun and Creole menu at Southside Smokehouse, but this one is unique to the area. It’s as close to Lexington style as it gets without a trip to Tar Heel State.

Co-owner and chef Sarah McClure dips Lexington Dip on a pulled pork sandwich at Southside Smokehouse and Grill in Landrum.

White Alabama Sauce

Initial Q, 127 W. Main St., Spartanburg

A regional specialty that has grown over the past five years, Alabama White is aimed specifically at chicken and has assembled an army of dedicated followers.

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