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  • How do you cook in Dinkum?

The food is amazing. Not only does it keep you alive and taste delicious, but according to Dinkum, it can heal near-fatal wounds and replenish your stamina. If you’ve been hit one too many times by a gribbly, or run too long, don’t worry, an apple will get you out of there.

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But what if you wanted the benefits of the apple to be, well, more beneficial. What if you applied some sort of heat-based device and your once-tasty apple got more dappled? Well, that’s where cooking comes in. Grab some twigs and get ready to dig.

Dinkum is currently in Early Access. Therefore, things may change and be updated as development continues.

What is cooking?

Cooking in Dinkum is simply the act of heating something. Sometimes you’ll heat something with other things to make new things, but generally heat is necessary. Cooking almost always enhances the healing and regenerating effects of foodsand if you want to be active in Dinkum every day, having a supply of ready meals is a must.


How do you cook in Dinkum?

To cook in Dinkum you need two things – a cooking station somehow, and at least one ingredient. Cooking stations come in many forms and can be something as simple as a Campfireor as advanced as a Cooking chart. Likewise, the ingredients can be something as easy to find as a bananaor a refined product, such as plain flour.

here is a list of cooking stations in Dinkum:

  • Campfire
  • a barbecue
  • Cooking chart

Campfire are dangerous and if you’re not careful when you’re near them, you can set yourself on fire. If you’re not near water, things can get hairy really quickly. For safety reasons, do not rely on a production line of Campfire. Invest in a a barbecue.

Cooking recipes

There are many recipes in Dinkum, and different recipes will require a different type of cooking station. There may be three in Dinkum, but you can lump campfires and barbecues together in the same recipe category. Barbecues are simply an improved form of campfire when it comes to cooking food.

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