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There has always been the thin crust versus deep dish pizza debate among friends. But thanks to Martha Stewart’s new recipe, you’ll be adding grilled pizza to the debate over which type of pizza is superior.

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On July 16, Stewart posted a vibrant photo of a pizza recipe we need to try ASAP. She started the Instagram post with the caption, “Hands down the trickiest part of making grilled pizza is handling the dough. Sometimes it’s too dry, other times it’s too sticky and it slides through the grates. That’s why this recipe starts with a sturdy store-bought naan or other flatbread, which pairs perfectly with our Mexican street corn-inspired toppings. (Note to self, buy more naan bread!)

Stewart added, “A blend of sour cream, mayonnaise, lime and garlic lends a tangy creaminess, while the charred grains provide a juicy sweetness. Get the recipe at the link in bio! 📷: @yukisugiura.photo. »

As the legendary chef says, you need naan bread or flatbread to make the perfect base. Do not worry; it will only be a few dollars at your local grocery store! But for the rest of the mouthwatering and unique pizza, you need to stock up on interesting ingredients like mayonnaise, minced garlic, corn, red onion, poblano peppers, and Peppadew peppers, to name a few. only a few.

Our bellies also rumble; we completely understand.

The three-step pizza recipe is super easy to make and takes less than an hour to prep and bake. You start by preheating your grill and rubbing it with oil to make sure it cooks to perfection. In less than an hour, you will finalize the pizza recipe by sprinkling different ingredients of your choice.

Get Stewart’s Creamy Grilled Corn Pizza recipe HERE.

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