Del Monte challenges Heinz to switch to ketchup and barbecue sauce | New

Canned fruit and vegetable giant Del Monte hopes to challenge Heinz by switching to table sauce.

The brand has created a quartet of ketchup and barbecue sauces: Tomato Ketchup, Light Ketchup, Classic BBQ and Jerk BBQ.

The base ketchup is said to contain more tomatoes than leading competitors, as well as less salt and less sugar. The Light SKU, meanwhile, is touted as having 50% less sugar and salt than the basic ketchup.

The Jerk BBQ SKU was “enhanced by popular Del Monte Pineapple” and “great for those who like something a little different,” the brand said, while the classic BBQ sauce had “a deep smoke.” and a “fruity flavor”. All four sauces are gluten-free and vegan.

Sauces will come in 550g squeeze bottles, with the exception of light ketchup, which will come in a 530g bottle (rsp: £1.79). They are produced by the manufacturer D2 International.

Del Monte and D2 had “created a selection of truly unique and delicious recipes designed specifically for the UK consumer”, said Stephen Simpson, grocery sales manager at D2.

“So far, the response from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive, and we anticipate that Del Monte condiments will appeal to a quality-conscious consumer looking for authentic new flavors to add to their everyday dining experience.”

Del Monte’s Senior Commercial Director for UK and Europe, Martin Tilney, called the range “an exciting addition to our growing presence in the UK market” which “again highlights the versatility of our products. “.

It comes as market leader Heinz became embroiled in a price row with Tesco this month which led to gaps on shelves after it clamped down on supply.

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