Chicken Reshmi Kebab Recipe

Chicken Reshmi Kabab is prepared from pieces of boneless chicken breast, marinated in a juicy mixture of curds, cream, cashews and spices, then roasted in the oven.

It is one of the most popular Indian Kabab dishes, served in almost every restaurant, it has a nice aroma of flavors and the tenderness of the chicken are important things, which you have to pay attention to when cooking it.

The marinade of this kabab is so juicy and tender that it really turns into a melt-in-your-mouth kabab dish.

Chicken skewers are always considered a healthy appetizer or entree. You must make a variety of Chicken Kababs in your home, such as Hariyali Chicken Kabab, Chicken Sholey Kabab, Chicken Seekh Kabab and many more.

The marinade should be made using spices and flavors and the next important aspect is when to cook the chicken. For the preparation of Kababs, you must use boneless chicken or even chicken on the bone.

Chicken is a high protein food, and when cooked Kabab style, it becomes very light on the ear and also contains fewer calories. People who are on a bodybuilding program should take this kabab meal once a day. This is because after doing a lot of exercise.

Preparation time: 15 minutes Serving size: 6 pieces

Cooking time: 20 minutes Calories per serving: 380

Total time: 35 minutes Fat per serving: 20.9 g

Ingredients needed

400 grams of boneless chicken breast

A cup of curd (dahi/yogurt)

Two tablespoons of ginger-garlic paste

A teaspoon of cashews

A teaspoon of almonds

A teaspoon of lemon juice

Two tablespoons of fresh cream

Half teaspoon of red chilli powder

Half teaspoon of black pepper powder

Two tablespoons fresh coriander leaves, finely chopped

A tablespoon of oil or butter

Salt to taste.

Rinse the chicken pieces under running water and cut them into medium-sized pieces. Also soak the almonds in water for about 20 minutes. Remove the skin from the almonds and keep them aside.

Next step, in a large bowl, combine the curd, ginger-garlic paste, cream, salt, lemon juice, chopped coriander and spices.

Make the almond and cashew nut paste and add to it.

Add about half a spoonful of oil to the yogurt mixture and marinate pieces of chicken in it. Char the chicken pieces well, cover the marinade and keep it aside for at least an hour, by doing so the chicken would get the flavors as well as the juices from the marinade ingredients.

You need to preheat the oven to 350F degrees for about 5 minutes and put the wooden skewers in warm water

Thread the chicken pieces onto skewers and place in the oven. Lightly brush with a little oil

Grill for about 20 to 30 minutes until the chicken is tender and juicy. When the chicken is cooked, you need to remove it from the skewers.

Serve hot with cilantro chutney and coleslaw.

This chicken skewer marinade can be kept overnight in the refrigerator.

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