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Homemade Grilled Vegetable Sandwich Recipe: A Vegetarian Bargain For A Great Breakfast

If the paratha is a breakfast staple for those with a desi palate, the sandwich is for those who prefer continental meals that are not too heavy in the morning. While every day we come across different varieties of sandwiches, the grilled sandwich remains a popular choice. A simple dish of breads enveloping bright, fresh […]

Thomasina Miers Recipe For Grilled Hispi Caesar Salad | Food

Ther outrageously good supper arrived one afternoon when I was craving the anchovy parmesan vinaigrette from a classic Caesar salad. But it was cold outside and I needed more material on the plate, so instead of the crunchy lettuce came wedges of grilled, very soft and smoky hispi cabbage, which I placed on toast toast. […]

A rotisserie recipe that looks like mom’s homemade cooking

It’s pot roast season. Who is with us? Roast and Gravy has been one of Nicole Johnson’s favorite comfort food recipes from for as long as she can remember. “Nothing beats homemade gravy, so stack that mashed potato and scoop it up,” Johnson says. She notes that she makes this recipe on an outdoor […]

Improve Your Cheese On Toast With This Viral Bulgarian Recipe

Whip That (Photo: Instagram @themodernnonna) It’s time to give the humble cheese on toast an upgrade. For something heartwarming during those dark, cold, hangover nights, try this recipe inspired by Bulgarian cuisine. It takes almost no time to prepare and is a little more special than your regular cheddar patties toasted on bread. On the […]

Nigel Slater’s Recipe for Grilled Onions, Mashed Chickpeas and Almond Orange Parfait | Food

II look at the parchment bean storage jars – the oval cannellini and round bean, the flat butter beans and, of course, the plump chickpeas – and wonder if I’m going never don’t forget to soak them overnight. It’s one of those jobs that I plan to do before bed – like soaking oats for […]

Beyond the signature: in search of the right recipe to keep the resolutions

WILKES-BARRE – This is still the time – to make New Year’s resolutions that have a shorter shelf life than an overripe peach. This company seems to be anxiously awaiting the end of a year to falsely swear to make certain improvements in the New Year to their physical appearance, financial situation or personal love […]

Baked ratatouille recipe with basmati rice

In the BOSH! cooking, we find simple ratatouille a bit boring so we wanted to do something really exceptional. This Mediterranean flavored dish is as good as it looks. Schedule Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 1h30 Serves Four Ingredients 1 large red onion 650g cherry tomatoes 12 large or 25 small garlic cloves 15g […]