Brazilian barbecue Japanese restaurants offering disposable grills to take away in cardboard

Finally, the take-out churrasco that you requested.

Barbacoa is a chain of Brazilian-themed buffet restaurants across Japan that offers a range of seasoned and grilled meats with that special churrasco-style zest that’s also low in oil.

As great as it sounds, it will unfortunately take longer for many people to venture into the increasingly dense streets of urban Japanese cities to try it out.

Barbacoa is well aware of this and they have worked hard to create another way to enjoy their food. Starting August 8, the fruits of this labor can be purchased as a Barbacoa BBQ Set for 7,000 yen (US $ 66).

The set contains four kinds of meat: two pieces of picanha (sirloin cap), two cups of Alcatra (entrecote), a piece of chicken, and two sausages. In total, it would suffice to feed two to three people and also comes with three types of sauces and rock salt for seasoning.

If that’s still not enough, particularly voracious diners can order sirloin and salad for an additional fee. Disposable cutlery and a real steak knife are also available for purchase for the more impromptu barbecue lunches.

But the most impressive part of this package is the disposable barbecue which is also included. This one kilogram (2.2 lb) cardboard grill is made with all-natural ingredients such as bamboo and stone and can grill for up to 60 minutes.

It’s also easy to set up and use for quickly sneaking around the park for a picnic. There is also a practical instructional video to show you how to prepare meals like the pros.

And because it’s disposable, there’s no need for messy cleanups or carrying around a bunch of dusty equipment. In other words, it’s ideal for people who want to go out for a quick lunch outside but don’t want to linger in public places for too long.

It’s also better than conventional Japanese portable grills, in that it doesn’t have a confusing name that award-winning singers accidentally get tattoos on themselves.

Source: Barbacoa, Public relations time
Images: Public relations time
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