Brandi Carlile inspired Courteney Cox to change her goat steak recipe


Courteney Cox just shared a steak recipe on Instagram that she says was given to her by singer Brandi Carlile, and the actor swears loud and clear that Carlile’s recipe is so good she started eating it. use in place of his previous GOAT recipe. How did this unlikely duo even start collaborating in the kitchen? The two first became friends after Cox shared a video of herself singing Carlile’s “The Joker” on social media, which impressed Carlile enough to reach out (via Entertainment Weekly). Now Carlile has shared her secret ingredient for great steaks with Cox: freshly brewed coffee and brown sugar.

Cox also puts her own twist on the recipe by using truffle-flavored olive oil on the steaks before coating them in coffee and brown sugar. Steaks cook in minutes on the grill, or you can try what some call the best way to cook a steak, the “reverse sear” method. Whichever preparation you choose, the coffee-steak flavor combo is one that professional chefs also love. Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill recipe for coffee-rubbed steak appeared in Bon Appétit, and Reader’s Digest even called coffee an unexpected ingredient that will change your steak forever. Fortunately, Carlile and Cox are doing their part to spread the gospel of coffee and steak even further, so we can all enjoy the fruits of their knowledge the next time we crave beef.

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