Best Korean BBQ Restaurants In Vancouver You Must Try At Least Once


Korean barbecue is one of our favorite types of cuisine to enjoy in the city.

Getting grilled meats, veggies, and drool-worthy sides is never a bad idea if you’re at these places, some places that we consider to be the best Korean barbecues in town.

Shabusen Yakiniku

Located on the second floor above the bustle of Alberni Street is the Japanese and Korean sushi restaurant Yakiniku, Shabusen. The all-you-can-eat menu includes a wide selection of sushi and sashimi, hot Japanese dishes and Korean barbecue. Dining in Shabusen is always fun since you can cook your meats and seafood on the table grills.

Address: 755 Burrard Street # 202, Vancouver
Telephone: 604-669-3883


Seoul Royal House Restaurant

This Korean W Broadway BBQ house has tons of seating for you to sit down and enjoy big portions of food. This place has been serving Vancouver for over 20 years so you know it must be good.

Address: 1215 West Broadway, Vancouver
Telephone: 604-739-9001

Kosoo Korean Restaurant Chicken & BBQ

Kooso has two locations in Vancouver that offer a variety of different Korean dishes including BBQ, Naemyeong, Japchae, and Gimbap, to name a few.

Address: 1128 Robson Street, Vancouver
Telephone: 604-428-8414

Address: 832 Cardero Street, Vancouver V6G 2G5
Telephone: 604-563-5556


Dae Bak Bon Ga

Dae Bak Bon Ga has served Vancouver for a decade. This Robson Street location offers guests several all-you-can-eat menus as well as on-site karaoke rooms.

Address: 1323 Robson Street, Vancouver
Telephone: 604-683-9298


Korean barbecue Chosun

This Kingsway spot is a local favorite. People can go there every day of the week for lunch and dinner.

Address: 3486 Kingsway, Vancouver
Telephone: 604-434-1222


Korean barbecue restaurant Kook

This Korean barbecue joint provides its customers with a fun dining atmosphere in East Vancouver. This place serves top quality meats and boasts that ‘every table is equipped with the Rolls-Royce
of Smokeless Grills (Shinpo Systems) ”, which means you have to go here if you haven’t already.

Address: 2800 E 1ère Avenue # 211A, Vancouver
Telephone: 604-566-5665


Miss Korea BBQ

Miss Korea offers a large menu of starters. They also have rice, hot stone bowls, and tons of barbecue combos.

Address: 793 Jervis Street, Vancouver
Telephone: 604-669-1225


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