Bachan’s Japanese barbecue sauce review: best Japanese barbecue sauce

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  • Bachan’s Japanese Small Batch BBQ Sauce is much more complex in taste than most bottled sauces.
  • It’s Amazon’s best-selling barbecue sauce, but it also elevates everything from veggies to pizza to eggs.
  • It’s so tasty and diverse that my chef boyfriend and I keep it in our kitchen at all times.

I grew up cooking with my southern family, but once I met my boyfriend, an industry-trained chef, I learned a lot of little tips and tricks that seriously improved my game for the dinner – things like chopped herbs are the secret to a tasty salad, you should top all with finishing salt, and the soul of a dinner is in the sauce.

The sauce not only maximizes the flavor of your dish, but also keeps everything juicy and moist. The problem, of course, is that a good sauce takes work. Prepared sauces are often one-dimensional and too Something, whether sweet, salty, lemony or other dominant flavor. To make a great sauce at home, my boyfriend will spend time and effort making it from scratch or, in a pinch, end up mixing more than five pre-made sauces to find the right balance of flavor.

The only sauce he’ll use straight from the bottle: Bachan’s Japanese BBQ Sauce, a multigenerational, family-run, small-batch ginger, teriyaki, and soy recipe that delivers the perfect umami kiss to any food you cook.

This is by far the best pre-made sauce I have tried and it is a staple in our kitchen for meats, veggies, pizzas – pretty much anything that needs a little bit of extra punch.

About Bachan’s Japanese barbecue sauce

Bachan’s was founded by Justin Gill, a Japanese American who grew up eating and giving his friends his family’s homemade sauce. It became so popular among those who tried it that he decided to start a business with it. As this is a family recipe, Gill named the brand after his Bachan, or his grandmother.

A grandmother and a grandson holding bottles of Bachan's

by Bachan

The sauce, which uses less than 10 ingredients, falls somewhere between a less sweet teriyaki and a more complex shoyu sauce. Its ingredients are all non-GMO and mostly organic, and it’s cold-filled, meaning they don’t need to use any preservatives or additives. And just as importantly, it has ridiculously cute packaging.

What makes Bachan sauce different

What makes Bachan’s so much better than other pre-made sauces is that it is able to retain the nuances of its ingredients, like ginger and scallion, and it’s incredibly well balanced, delivering the perfect amount of umami without being too sweet.

I was initially sent Bachan’s as a sample press when the brand first launched in 2019, and my boyfriend, exhausted from cooking in restaurants all week, was so obsessed with the flavor that we walked through just one. bottle in less than two weeks. I quickly signed up for auto-order to get three new bottles every two months (I had to put my foot down to watch it) to make sure we always have it on hand when we need to brew. dinner together.

Cooking with Bachan sauce

The real reason you should buy Bachan is because this sauce tastes great on literally all foods. Obviously, it makes a killer stir-fry sauce and a meat or tofu marinade, but it also enhances any veg (I especially like it on pelletized grilled broccoli). It’s a good icing to lick on salmon. My boyfriend loves to dip his morning egg and rice bowl in it, and we also combined it with cream cheese for a super easy and super delicious cracker dip. (The company’s website also has plenty of recipe ideas..)

Person putting Bachan sauce on grilled food

by Bachan

If you’re not the best cook or you’re short on time, this bottle is an easy way to gauge the complexity of a homemade sauce when you don’t have the time or skills to know which flavors to combine.

In addition to the praises of my family, that of Bachan is much appreciated by chef and editor Chris Kimball; Water Robb, the former CEO of Whole Foods; and has over 2,200 five-star reviews on Amazon. In fact, it’s the # 1 and # 3 barbecue sauce in Amazon sales and # 5 sauce in general.

In addition to its Original flavor, Bachan’s also offers a gluten-free option and a Hot and Spicy. The brand is also set to release an exciting new flavor in early November, which I previewed and maybe even better than the Original.

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