Antonio Mays’ Scratch BBQ Sauce Wins ‘Gelson’s Local Discoveries’ Award

by Gelson, a pioneering California grocer, has announced the winner of its annual “Gelson’s Local Discoveries” search for new and promising products now sold at all 27 Gelson stores across Southern California. Let’s meet Antonio Mays and his winning entry, Scratch BBQ Sauce!

The winner among hundreds

Out of hundreds of entries in dozens of categories ranging from bath and body to food and drink to household cleaners, Southeast San Diego native Antonio Mays won over the judges with his original recipe for Scratch barbecue sauce.

Online submissions for the third installment of Gelson’s New and Innovative Local Product Research were open to local vendors within 50 miles of a Gelson store from November 1-14, 2021, followed by in-person finalist meetings in January 2022. Mays was informed of his selection last spring. Until now, Scratch BBQ Sauce has only been available online and at events, farmers markets, and trade shows throughout California (from San Diego to Pleasanton).

“As a Gelson customer for many years, I am delighted to have been selected as this year’s winner,” said Antonio Mays, President of The Original Scratch Company. “Scratch BBQ Sauce was born out of our desire to promote family bonds through shared meals and is a project that my whole family has put their hearts into. Gelson’s is the big stage for top quality products that are made with passion and pride, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to see our product on their shelves.

How the story of Mays’ Scratch BBQ Sauce began

A labor of love originally created in Mays’ own kitchen, Scratch BBQ Sauce was inspired by a passion for barbecuing and ignited by a fierce family entrepreneurial spirit. The story began with the Mays Doctoring store buying barbecue sauce brands with their own unique ingredients to enhance their flavors and textures.

After receiving countless compliments from friends and family, Mays recognized the potential of a barbecue sauce that was handmade with fresh ingredients and free of unhealthy additives, colors and preservatives. Scratch BBQ Sauce’s unique texture derived from real tomatoes and onions sets it apart from the competition.

Success stories with Gelson’s Local Discoveries!

Mays’ brand, The Original Scratch Company, joins previous Santa Barbara-based winners Casa de Comer Salsa, Italian Pizza Kitchen, QURE Alkaline Waterand Bar without meals, all of which achieved notable success after being brought to the attention of local consumers through prominent placement and promotion in the Southern California grocer’s stores. Over the years, Gelson’s has also helped launch other San Diego brands, including Salsa El Nopalito, Majestic Sprouted Hummus, Olli Salumaria, fucking sauce, Boochcraft, ballast pointand more.

“We’re continually impressed by emerging brands founded in our own Southern California backyard,” said John Bagan of Gelson’s. “This year’s pool of submissions was particularly innovative, and choosing a winner was a challenge. We’re excited to add Scratch BBQ Sauce to our selection of over 1,400 local products, and we’re confident our customers will love it as much as we do.

Congratulations, Antonio Mays, and all past winners of the Gelson Local Discoveries!

For more information on the winning Scratch BBQ Sauce, visit their website here and follow them on Facebook. To keep up to date with the latest from Gelson’s, check out their website here and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, instagram, Youtubeand ICT Tac.

See you there, San Diego!

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