Aarti Sequeira’s Pulled Pork with Mango BBQ Sauce is “Like Sunshine in Your Pot”

Food Network star Aarti Sequeira infuses ordinary pulled pork with extraordinary flavor.

Its irresistible sweet and spicy barbecue sauce draws its flavor from mangoes for a jaw-dropping twist on this popular dish.

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Chef’s pulled pork recipe has a tangy twist

Sequeira’s pork recipe packs a little heat with a little sweetness and it all starts with a delicious dry rub that includes brown sugar, paprika and kosher salt on a three pound boneless pork shoulder.

But the real boost in the dish’s culinary personality is the barbecue sauce that accompanies it with cumin seeds, fennel seeds, chopped fresh ginger and onion, sliced ​​serrano pepper, salt kosher, mango puree, lime juice, apple cider vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, molasses, salt and pepper.

Sequeira’s barbecue sauce is deliciously tasty

The Aarti Party star launches her dish in the Food Network video, below, for this recipe, launching into the sauce. She sweats the chopped onion, ginger and serrano peppers in a large pot. “It’s a very traditional way to start an Indian dish,” she says. “This is how I add a little Indian flavor to a very familiar thing you’ve probably had all your life: barbecue sauce.”

She only uses a single serrano pepper in her dish, but tells home cooks who like their food piping hot: “Some of you, I know, are bolder than me; you can use two if you like it really spicy.

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Cumin and fennel seeds add even more Indian flavor to the sauce, followed by the star side dish, mango puree, which she calls “sunshine in your pan.”

Sequeira says if you can’t find mashed mango for barbecue sauce, “just use mango juice and cook it.” Whatever is easiest for you.

As she cooks, the culinary personality admits she never tried pulled pork before meeting her hubby, adding, “Now we’re bickering over who’s going to get it when we go to a restaurant!”

While the sauce simmers for about five minutes, the pork is rubbed with the dry spices. It is then immersed in the sauce, simmered, then covered and cooked for about three hours “until super tender, turning it every half hour”.

The chef suggested his favorite way to serve the pork, on brioche rolls with bread and buttered pickles.

Get the full recipe, video and reviews on the Food Network website.

Critics went ga-ga for Aarti Sequeira’s Pulled Pork Recipe

There’s pulled pork and then there’s out-of-the-ordinary pulled pork, and Aarti Sequeira’s take on the classic dish does the trick, according to all five-star reviews on the Food Network site.

“This was one of the tastiest meals I have ever had! My daughter cooked it so perfectly, and all of her guests raved about it!” wrote one home cook.

Another reviewer said, “This is the second week in a row I’ve run to the store to get ingredients for a recipe from your show and I haven’t been disappointed. Easy to make and the pork was like butter in your mouth. Excellent!”

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