A cool recipe for next-level s’mores

Are you ready to update this campfire classic? Try these tips, just in time for summer.

The search for a better s’more

My husband and I are in our fourth year of Our Grand Tour, living the dream of a road trip in a 23ft RV. One of our permanent obsessions is to make a raging campfire and to cook on the coals.

I’ve grilled bacon and flipped flapjacks, roasted squash, and even baked cookies. But when it comes to cooking over a campfire, there’s nothing more satisfying than making s’mores.

We even made the marshmallow toasting portion of the project a bit competitive. Which technique is the best? I spin mine, rotisserie style, to try and get that golden hue. He is quite hot, occasionally having to blow on the flaming marshmallow. No matter what, we both win.

As the miles went on, I tried to bring different ingredients to the party, replacing the traditional graham crackers with various cookies and replacing the Hershey’s bar with something fancy. There were varying degrees of success until I found a few stellar ways to take these sticky sweet treats to the next level.

A raised marshmallow

No judgment if you’re fixated on your gummy white blob going on a stick to be grilled. But there is a better product. If you can find Smashmallow on the shelf, it’s a game-changer. (The website says it’s available now at Target.)

Different flavors are available, from cookie dough to candy cane. My all time favorite is the cinnamon churro, but toasted vanilla works well too.

The company’s mission is to deliver a marshmallow like the one we’ve been nostalgic about since childhood, only better. Made from organic sugar and non-GMO ingredients, it delivers intense flavors and gooey goodness.

Fran arrives

Seattle-based Fran’s Chocolates is probably best known for its truffles and salted caramel chocolates – President Barak Obama is a huge fan.

Still, this famous chocolatier has a range of spectacular sauces worth exploring. I first came across dark chocolate sauce while camping in beautiful San Elijo State Park near Encinitas, CA, home of the fish taco and a strong surfer community.

I bought a jar and early season strawberries and this combo was a winner. Later, I started thinking I wanted to try bringing this sauce into the s’more equation, dabbing some on graham crackers – Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Sugar Crackers are the best, but not always available.

No shock. This experiment was an instant hit, with the rich chocolate playing off the melted marshmallow. Maybe it was a little messy, not that I mind licking my fingers then.

Here’s to a great summer of making s’mores!

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