55 best recipes with barbecue sauce


(Cupcakes and kale chips)

Recipes with barbecue sauce are always a hit when it comes to summer grilling. This beloved ingredient plays a prominent role in any kitchen, as barbecue sauce is perfect for dipping, makes a great marinade, and of course, it’s perfect when applied over your favorite grilling recipes. But there is so many more ways to enjoy the sweet or savory, spicy or tangy flavors of this sauce. While some of these dishes are cooked over an open fire, you don’t necessarily have to turn on the grill to enjoy these 55 best recipes with barbecue sauce.

What can you do with barbecue sauce?

While grilling may make you think of burgers or steaks, you can’t forget to grill ribs or chicken drumsticks which are always best smeared with barbecue sauce. And everyone’s go-to summer condiment isn’t just about things you can cook on the grill or on the smoker. You can incorporate barbecue sauce into appetizers and meals the whole family will love. Here are some easy ways to use barbecue sauce:

  • Pizza: Yes, a lot of people like to swap the marinara and make a barbecue chicken pizza, or even one with pulled pork.
  • Salads and dressings: Try incorporating barbecue sauce into a dressing or giving your salad a little drizzle of sauce.
  • Tacos : Switch up a Tex-Mex staple and also add barbecue sauce to tacos, nachos, and tostadas.
  • Comfort food: Dishes like chicken pie, grilled cheese and meatloaf can take a barbecue twist.
  • Alternative barbecue dishes: Instead of grilling or smoking, you can make things like barbecue chicken, ribs, or pulled pork in the oven, slow cooker, or Instant Pot.

And more. All of them have the sweet, smoky and spicy benefits of barbecue sauce!

So get out your bottle of BBQ sauce # 1, prepare these meals, then pair them with these…

Best side dish ideas for a barbecue

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Kale cupcakes and crisps
(Cupcakes and kale chips)

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