Monthly Archives: March 2021

James Martin Saturday Morning: Chef Shares Super Easy BBQ Sauce Recipe

After showing the audience how to make monkfish, James Martin gave viewers the opportunity to answer their culinary dilemmas. This morning, three different viewers called to ask various questions of the celebrity chef. “It’s really three ingredients at its heart,” added James. The ingredients are sugar, ketchup and vinegar. James advised using brown sugar and […]

Dwayne “Big Daddy” Thompson — Big Daddy Bomb Barbecue Sauce: Alabaster, AL

Dwayne Thompson, originally from New Orleans, came to Alabama after Hurricane Katrina left him and his family homeless. He moved to Alabaster, Alabama (20 miles south of Birmingham). He started bottling Big Daddy Bomb barbecue sauce after friends repeatedly urged him to do so. His roots in New Orleans gave Thompson a strong sense of […]

McCormick For Chefs launches Cattlemen’s Sweet & Bold barbecue sauce

HUNT VALLEY, MD. – To help operators tap the growing demand for barbecue flavors1, McCormick For Chefs launched Cattlemen’s® Sweet & Bold BBQ Sauce. This new product marries sweet molasses with bold spices and a natural hickory smoke flavor. Made with thick tomato paste for better coverage and grip and without starch or filler to […]