15 best marinade recipes for grilling

If you cook often, you know that the best marinade recipes for grilling can take just about any protein to the next level. While you can certainly toss a piece of chicken or a slice of steak straight onto the grill, taking about 30 extra minutes to marinate raw meat will help ensure the end result is tender, juicy, and flavorful. Need inspiration? Keep reading for 15 great marinade recipes and how to make them from scratch.

A good marinade is all about balance, so you’ll find that most of these recipes call for an acidic ingredient, like vinegar or lime juice, to tenderize the meat, along with oil, salt, sugar and herbs or spices. The exact ingredients will vary depending on the type of protein you are marinating and the final flavor profile you want to achieve. This collection of the best marinade recipes for grilling includes delicious chicken marinades like Honey-Barbecue and Cilantro-Lime. Grilling a steak? Discover marinades for classic grilled flank steak, beef fajitas or carne asada. For seafood lovers, discover its shrimp civiche marinade!

These amazing marinades will have you wanting to fire up the grill all summer long! For more outdoor cooking ideas, check out the best 4th of July menu ideas, the best barbecue sides and the best steak sauce recipes.

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